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About Riscc Online

Riscc Online was founded in March 2009.

The primary focus of the company on start up was to build a bespoke travel insurance platform, that would enable users to purchase travel insurance online. This project was constructed and delivered during Q4 2009 and the site www.covered2go.co.uk was officially launched late November 2009. This project relied heavily on the specialist knowledge and expertise of the company founders in the fields of Insurance and IT.

In January 2010 Riscc Online launched a web service version of the their travel insurance platform called Black Box Quoting Engine (BBQE), this allows clients to integrate the quoting engine into their own websites and offers the chance for Riscc Online to sell insurance to a wider audience.

During Q2 2010 and following extensive feedback from our customers, Riscc Online created it's very own online membership shopping facility and SellPal was born in June 2010.

In parallel with the development of Sellpal, Riscc Online developed for its corporate partners the Business Travel Insurance 2go brand. Providing easy to issue individual and corporate travel insurance products for the bespoke business traveller and/or their companies, being a first in the UK to provide this.

The in house skills of the Riscc Online team are not strictly limited to Travel Insurance. Riscc Online has project managed numerous companies looking to launch new websites, achieving this using our extensive design and development contacts. We share your passion for your website as if it was our own and pride ourselves on delivering first class websites to extremely high standards.


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